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After a very long semester of graduate school and working on the Mach when I could manage to find some time It's finally up and running - good.

The 5300 rpm revving wall is gone after getting a 3/8" line out of the gas tank and replacing the oil pump, and it seems to have picked up power everywhere, especially from 5000 to 6200, where it does some serious hauling. I think that both the oil pump and gas tank line had a play in the revving problem. The oil pressure is much more steady and never drops below 70psi when I'm accelerating, where as before it would drop past 55 at 5000rpm and I think the lifters weren't getting quite enough pressure.

Also since february I have done the following:

Negative Wedge A-Arm Mod
New headers and exhaust, for ground clearance
Mallory 6AL
Edelbrock EPS 750cfm
New Gas Tank
Melling High Volume Oil Pump

For the exhaust I bought a Flowmasters U-fit 3" kit, it is awesome, it saves a lot of money on buying each specific mandrel bend and I still have a lot of tubing and several bends left over.
I used the force pro mufflers from summit because they were only $30. I was expecting them to sound bad, but I like the sound much better than the flowmaster mufflers I had, it's a very deep rumble.

Here's the list of most everything:

Cold Air Intake
EdelbrockPS 750cfm
Weiand 2V X-cellerator
Aussie 2V heads ported and polished (59-60cc) 10.3:1
Hardened exhaust valve seats
One piece stainless valves
Ford Powertrain Applications Headers to 3" exhaust
278/290 Crane Powermax Cam, lifters and valve springs
Harland Sharp Roller Rockers
Comp Cams hardened pushrods
Edelbrock Roller Timing chain
Melling HV Oil Pump
Aluminum Radiator
FlowKooler Aluminum Water Pump
Mallory Unilite Distributor
Mallory 6AL
Holley Blue Electric Fuel pump, regulator, 3/8" fuel line
Negative Wedge A-arm modification
4-speed Wide Ratio
Powertrax No-Slip Diff
3.50:1 Rear Gear
Trunk Mounted Battery
Oddyssey PC680 13lb Battery
Suspension Kit - (before I purchased the car with front springs, and F/R anti roll)
Plus a bunch of those little things...

I'm very pleased with the car now that it is finally running correctly, and with the negative wedge kit and rear lowering blocks and leaf shackles, the car has a great low stance. Also I'm very pleased with the edelbrock carb compared to my Holley 3310-1, it's used and without tuning it at all it is running just as well as the holley, which took who knows how many hours to get dialed in, it will work great for just enjoying a drive.

So I just wanted to give a thanks to everybody who provided ideas and help along the way, I'm sure there are many more questions to come, but right now I'm going out for a drive...

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did you replace the factory fuel line with 3/8 line from the tank to the pump?
i had this same problem too,wouldnt go over 5k without falling on its face because of lack of fuel,good to hear youve got it sorted

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Well I was going to just buy a filter and line piece with 3/8" outlet but that total was $45 plus the o-ring. So I ended up just buying a new gas tank with everything for $125 since there was a sale, (and the old tank was covered in rust proofing or something), and it came with choice of 3/8" outlet. Previously I had just left the 5/16" from the tank and done 3/8 to the pump and to the engine, and it didn't fix anything. I also reran the rest of the line just to make it fit better and run to the new carb inlet.

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