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I have started collecting my parts for the 4 speed conversion, and I must have E-mailed somebody that has responded with a good piece of info--or so I hope

This is his E-mail to me:

I just did this last fall. Couple lessons learned that might help. 1. Pedal bracket does NOT need to be changed. This is the part that the pedals hang from. 2. Brake pedal is the same with exception of the width of the pedal pad. The pedal I got online didn't fit but matched exactly in bend and shape. I just cut the pedal pad down and you would never know it wasn't made that way. You can skip all the z-bar stuff and use a cable from Bruce Coutures Modern Driveline. Good luck. My car is a lot of fun with the Tremec in it.
71 Mach 1

Does anyone have any information on this E-mail that can help me out?

Thanks a lot!

Jeff Given
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