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I love my newly acquired 1979 Ford Bronco with the exception of a few after market additions to the beast. One of these additions was the custom insert in the original grill. I didn't like the look of the single piece grill. I liked the split grill design found in the 1973-77 Ford trucks.Here is the swap.

This is the original grill, with the custom insert.

This is the the 1975 grill, I got from pick-n-pull for like 30 bucks.

Torn down, I was able to get it off with the bumper still on. It might have to be removed if you have a stock bumper on it.

I slid the new grill on so that i could line up the holes for the headlight buckets. The headlights on the older style are a few inches lower then the 1978-79. I put this up and marked and drilled the holes. I also had to re wire the blinker light to the older style.

The buckets in place, putting the inserts in.

This is the final product. A split grill on a bronco.
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