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1980 C4 automatic valve body

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Hello everyone
I have a 1980 trans C4. I am rebuilding it in a Transmission class. long story short when I missed one night of class the other Knuckleheads in my group took the valve body apart and did not label anything. It has had a shift kit in it and now I have everything put back togather except there is a little brass plug about 1/4 round and 1/4" thick. i have tried to find anything about it with no luck. Can anyone help

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Welcome.That plug i think goes in the 2-3 backout valve.Some kits block it off. It might be the cutback valve but most kits use a 1/4" ball or a blocker spring.
thanks for your info
I kinda miss discribded it. it looks more like a spacer of some kind and on the flat sides of it there are wear marks and fit almost all the springs in the valve body. i think i am just going to have to buy a new shift kit and set it up like the new one.
thanks again for your info and i will take anymore if anyone has any for me.
Get an ATSG manual - they have an exploded diagram of the valve body.

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i clicked on the page you posted and i can not find a c4 trans in there anywhere. am i going nuts?
The ATSG manual is listed as a C5. It shows a C4 valve body in it.
I sent you 7 half meg photos of the valves in two separate emails. The valves and springs are laid out in the orientation they came out of the bores. This is a post-1970 vb so it should help.
The photo below shows the following in order starting on the left side the 1-2 transition valve the 2-3 backout valve and the backout valve spring. The other valve is the cut back valve.

It's a hosted image and this is just the thumbnail. It's on imageshack at original resolution.
Can't help you with the shift kit instructions though...

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R Code
I got pics you sent me and i dont see this brass spacer anywhere in your pics. the pic C4VB3 the valve on the left i think is the 2-3 shift valve. what whould happen if i put the spacer in the bottom of the valve and the valve body. i think it would increase the pressure needed to move the 2-3 shift valve and shift later. Am i correct. that space is part of a shift kit that this tranny has i think. what do you think? if not there then i looks like it might go with the spring and valve that the filter tang holds in.

Thanks i will take a pic of it tomm and post it to see what everyone thinks
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