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So I found what I think is a really clean 1987 Tbird, its not the turbo coupe, its the grandma grocery getter, carport and garage kept, really clean. I got it because the non-mechanical seller said somebody told him the transmission was going out; turns out its making a lot of noise from the rear end.
Since the noise started its been driven about 70 or so miles, it makes an intermittent growling howling sound on accelleration, and a whine on desceleration. This is intermittent and it will drive portions of the time with little or no noise at highway speeds; eg. 60mph.

Here's my questions:

1. could this be just inner or outer bearings?
2. if its inside the differential, would it be easier and cheaper for me to just find a bone yard rear end and change out the entire thing?
3. Is it practical to try and save the rear end at all?

Thanks for all your information guys!! you rock!
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