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1988 ford F150

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Guy at work has an F150 auto trans RWD. says it wont go above 30, meaning it's stuck in first gear I'm assuming, Any idea what would cause this, Something stuck in the trans not causing it to shift? I don't know what kind of trans, I'm assuming it's an AOD
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I've got an '88....that did the same thing. The AOD is toast. Pull it and fix it.

If it'll rev in neutral to redline you're probably not looking at an engine problem.
My AOD in my '88Thunderbird did that.I pulled the valvebody and cleaned each valve one by one until I was finished,taking time to make sure everything was surgically clean.Re-installed,and it's been working great ever since.Plus,pulling the valvebody is prety easy,and,free.I can't say that is your problem,but in an AOD,the littlest bits of crap in the valves can cause all sorts of trouble.

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If it is not tranny related, look for a clogged catalytic converter.
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