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1991 302 roller block

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Can you run a standard lifter/ non roller cam in this block ???
If so would there be any problems with it ?
And if it sounds stupid let me know.
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Yes you can. The only functional difference is in the height of the lifter bores.

And no, it doesn't sound stupid. However, lets never speak of this again. People might get the wrong impression.

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hmm, something I didn't know, that doesn't sound stupid considering the price of a roller cam and lifters is double if not more than a standard flat tappet cam. It all depends on what you like I guess.

Might be a good idea if you're trying to save some $$$ or don't have a non-roller block
some roller cams are twice flat tapets but there are cheapies like the trick flow (same as crane in at least one app) and there are reground hyd rollers around for just about as cheap as flat tappets.

One big problem with flat tappet cams is modern motor oil has less of something that is important to breaking in cams and I have read lots of problems with lobes going flat.

Hyd rollers are worth the extra $$$ in my opinion over a hyd flat tappet. I converted my 69 351w to a smaller duration , way higher lift, wider LDA than my old hyd cam and it idles smoother,makes more all around power,revs higher and pulls mor vac and burns cleaner.

If you have a roller block, use its potential, unless you are going a solid flat tappet cam then theres more bang for the buck.

my 67 vert
yes. it will be fine. i am ready to install a soild flat cam in a roller block
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