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OK, school me on this.
1991 explorer sport
194K V6 4x4.
It has many miles, but it doesn't matter cold hot, uphill, or flat, I get either light or just plain obscene pinging.
I did plugs maybe 2 years ago, but I serious have put maybe 4,500 miles on in the time since I did them.
I run 89 ethanol most of the time, or 87, don't bother with 91. Tried 3 tanks, did not help.
Seems it has been pinging much worse.
I heard a '95-96 tbird yesterday that sounded the dead same.

looking for possible cures.
There is an exhuast leak in the resonator, as the exploder is due for a new exhaust probably come spring.
I've looked the pipes over, and otherwise, no leaks.

I also have a problem with the rear main. leaking bad.
How much of a beeyotch is this to do on a 4x4 sport?
I sort of have been playing the let sleeping dogs lay route, but it's beyond that now, and my driveway looks like the exxon valdez spill where the thing is parked.
Thanks for any help.
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