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1991 explorer sport V8 conversion

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I ran accross a 1994 F150 5.0l 5 speed 4x4 at a shop I used to work at...guy hi a curb, blew a tire and bent the hell out of the frame.
Engine and trans are still good, just wacked the pass. side front axle, bent it clean back, ripped the radius rod off the frame.
no body damage, if you could believe it.
I was curious about swapping out my 1991 Explorer sport's 4.0L V6/automatic overdrive with the 5.0L & 5 speed, but I am curious if any can tell me if they would use the same transfer case?
Anyone else on here converted an Explorer to EFI V8 power?
I was originally considering using a 351w and C4 for the swap, but thought the 5 speed would be better.
I am working on trying to get a good price on the truck, but it does have 80K on the running gear.

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I also have a 1991 Explorer that I have been considering a V8 conversion using a fullsize (ZF) transmission. I have a running 1987 302 from my buddy's 1987 bronco. I am considering using an Advance Adapters fullsize Ford to stock 1354 Explorer case adapter. it measures four inches long ad costs about 400 dollars. This is not a for sure part of the plan yet, but the idea to use the full size 5 speed is. I would be very interested to see if you pursue this and would like to compare notes of what works or not. Rick
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