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1993 Ford Thunderbird, acceleration issues..

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First off I would like to say hello to everyone! Seems like an awesome forum. I'm pretty new to Fords and cars in general (only 17 years old).

Ok so here is the problem. I have 93 T-Bird thats got no 'get up and go'. She's a 3.8 V6 and the problem is that at full throttle she'll do 3000 RPM's at best. However in idle I can rev her all the way up to the 6000's.

Here is what I know/what I've done:

-The Check Engine Light is NOT on
-O/D Was slipping so I installed AOD-HP Shift kit from TransGo (did it all by myselft :D )
-Tranny Flush/new filter
-Replaced Spark Plugs/Spark Plug Wires
-Oil changed (nothing milky, so head gaskets are good)
-Ran injector cleaner through the lines and all injectors are operational

Any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh and I don't know the mileage. The dash is stuck at 180xxx.

Also, how much power can you crank out of the Essex 3.8?
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2 things to try...

Replace fuel filter.

Try unplugging mass airflow sensor. The car will still run with it disconnected. The check engine lamp should come on and it may stumble a bit but with MAF disconnected the PCM uses throttle position sensor and rpm to determine the right amount of fuel. If you're able to pull more RPM with the MAF unplugged then it is likely bad.
Oh yeah, and free revving this motor "into the 6000's" really isn't a good idea. :eek:

"twisting the nipples" :D:D:tup:
I disconnected the MAF (engine light ON) and it did pull much better without it. shifting from second to third gear at full throttle was a much heartier 3600 RPM's. So that means I should get a new MAF sensor?
yep :tup:. it should run even better with a good maf.

btw... 3.8's in rear drive cars seemed to not have nearly the head gasket problems that fwd taurus\windstars did. dont know why.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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