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maybe someone here can help me or direct me to a ford truck forum.

My 1996 f150 has a problem starting, and it doesn't matter if the engine is warmed up or not.

It will crank and then it will begin to run real rough at 500 rpm and hitting the accelerator doesn't afftect anything, sometime it will die and I'll have to try again.

After a few seconds of running like crap the rpm's will rise and it will idle normally.

The other night the engine started to run like crap on my way home from work. It felt like a couple of cylinders were not firing and it had no acceleration, the rpms were bouncing around so at least one cylinder was not firing. I pulled to the side of the road, shut it down and started back up and it ran fine the rest of the way home.

I'm stumped, I've changed the fuel filter and MAF sensor, the plugs and wires are new. By the way this is a 4.9 6cyl with a 5 speed.
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