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1st time to the drags...

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with my new car this coming friday. Anyone want to guess what I'll run? Below is the setup installed in a 75 Ranchero. Weight is around 3600 pounds.

I built a .060 over 302 and C4 for it with the following goodies:

KB .200 dome pistons
edelbrock performer heads
victor jr intake
crane cams 363801 cam
full roller rockers
Hughes 3000 stall converter
Summit brand 3 chamber mufflers
summit brand headers (1.5 inch primaries)
msd 6al
3.89 gears w/ locker

Will be running on skinny street tires, but drag radials are in the near future. HOPING to run mid 14's with expected traction problems.
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On 2006-05-03 09:01, bprigge wrote:
That is one heavy racer!! This is like racing a Fox Mustang with 2 of your heaviest buddies sitting in it. I'm saying 15.1 na at 97 mph assuming the 3600 pounds includes the driver. I'm also curious about how well that Victor jr intake will work with the small valve Edel heads.
I'm not saying it won't work well at the drags, I'm saying it is an unusual combination. What are the specs on that cam? What carb are you running? If your cam and carb can take advantage of that Vic Jr intake (like make power to 7K) you could break into the 14s. Bruce
The Ebrock heads valves could be either 2.02/1.60 or 1.90/1.60. He didn't specify but I wouldn't call either set small for a 308.Actually the intake port runners are the same size so there is very little difference in flow between the two.They should work well with the Victor intake if he's got the right cam and carb.I certainly wouldn't call it an unusual combo.I'm guessing you should be in the very low 14s at over 100mph,maybe better if traction and tuning are good.

1968 mustang 306,stock ported heads,650 Holley DP,weiand Xcellerator intake, Comp cams Magnum 292,[email protected] and 518L,heddman headers,4speed with a 4.11 detroit locker.13.69 at 101 mph.

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