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I was looking at a 4 dr 64 Galaxie 500xl today for parts and started thinking after i left, is the front door the same size on a 2 dr vs. a 4 dr?

Its hard to tell from a picture, and i would really like to use the interior door panels.


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You did not inquire about seats, but I'm heavy on that one. The rears for a four-door have rounded side edges to allow easier egress, whereas the two-door rears are more squared off.

Had I found a four door first, I'd have taken it. Then the paint decision would have been simple: cop car theme. BIG motor, big power. On the rear panel above the bumper would be a sticker: Intercept THIS.

Alas, two door, french vanilla, simple blue pinstripe, 331, AOD, no witty reposes.

Oh...I'm sorry...digression...doors. No input.

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