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Just wondering if anyone knows where I can get a head? My original one has to be rebuilt and one of the knuckles on the back that the exhaust manifold bolt screws into has been broken off, so I figured I try to find a different head if I could.

Thanks for any help!


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The last year of the 200L6 was 1983. I friend of mine just went through the rebuild and upgrade of a 200 head. Here are some of the things done:

  • Oversized stainless valves
  • New guides
  • Machined guides for teflon seals
  • changed to adjustable rockers
  • welded in a port divider on the #3-4 exhaust port (requires some special welding talent)
  • resurfaced the head
  • polished and ported the exhaust ports.
  • matched the combustion chamber sizes
  • modified the oil return for better oil control
  • Glyptol coated the rocker area
It was a thing of beauty when done. He has headers on there now and a Weber 32/36 carb.
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