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#888 of 4270, DSG in color.

Looking to trade it for a good '99 or later F250 or F350 diesel. Not too interested in selling the Lightning outright unless the offer is right.

bone stock. Never pulley'd, chipped, still factory exhaust, never lowered. I bought it in 2005 with 29,000 miles and drove it. 161,000 on it now. New Hankooks at 150,000 so they are good to go. Lots of preventive maintenance, tires, ball joints, coolant, brakes, intercooler cleanings, new coils, etc. I've never had a single problem out of it. All preventive repairs because things do wear and I hate worn stuff.

Main reason for trade is that I can't use a 1/2 ton truck. I could but it's not right. I bought a 24' enclosed trailer to haul the race car with and the Lightning isn't designed to pull it. So I want a 3/4 ton truck that'll pull safer than the Lightning will.

Location near Little Rock, Arkansas. I travel about once a week to the north central/north eastern part of the state.


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