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Hey guys, have been on here for about 10 years and I really appreciate all the advice thats been given as it has helped tremendously. I no longer have the 68' but now I have a 2004 Mustang GT. It started out as a 4.6 auto, now it is a 5.4 Manual. Just rebuilt the tranny (Tremec), new Spec stage 3 clutch, Lots of new engine parts (gonna be supercharging or goin turbos, but that will be a later discussion). Has subframe connectors. Next step is the suspension as it is completely shot (car bounces all over the road). I want to literally replace everything. As long as I am going to do everything, I am open to hearing what you all think is the best way to go (is my current plan pretty good with perhaps some better substitutes out there, or do I need to go a completely different direction such as coil over?). It is a daily driver that gets driven like a race car, and it will see some track time on occasion. Currently it has a very agressive stance and sits pretty low, I don't wanna lose that. I was thinking a sport system kit from Eibach, caster camber plates (which brand?), bushing kit. Perhaps like these:

Eibach Mustang Sport-System-Plus (94-04 V8 Coupe/99-04 V6 Convertible) 4.1735.680 - Free Shipping!
1999-2004 Mustang Caster Camber Plates at - Free Shipping!
Prothane Mustang Total Bushing Kit (99-04 All, Excludes IRS) 6-2025-BL - Free Shipping!

If I'm on the right track, what else should I order and replace at the same time? And, if you think I should go coil-over, why? Thanks a lot in advance for all the advice.
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