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I think i had some 95 octane left in the tank, I dont recall since last I drove the car. But Meth was off as I thought it was cold enough to see what it had. I probably should have kept it on by the 1/8 mile mph and lackluster 1/4 mph

Im also on stock X again. its quieter and a tone I like more, but its robbing me MPH, so im going back to mean and nasty..

I ran [email protected] 123.7mph the run before this, (2.1 60') But I dont know if its artificial from the ****ty 60's I have again even on Drag Radials. [email protected] is correct in that we need a lineloc to do proper burnouts. This is on my list now..

Its crazy though that my ET is STILL sitting the same, 11.8/9 (TC on) even with a huge flux of mph difference (119-123)

2013 Roush Supercharged 5.0 Vs BMW M3 ESS DCT - YouTube

That was actually the best run for the Stang, the 2 runs before he was [email protected].
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