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221 V8

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A friend of mine has bought a 1963 Fairlane, with plans of a big block T-Bolt clone ( I know, its not a '64 ) question is, is the 221 in the car worth anything, or is it only worth junk iron price?
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Zombie thread! Love 'em. 100% support for adding new or updated info even after time passes. It surely beats searching many threads to get all the info.

My first thought is that it's a familiar small-cube V8 engine, and if in good condition would be child's play to boost or juice these days, providing better mileage with K-code (or higher) performance for pennies on the dollar. Some nostalgia for using an original stock engine to outrun most things on the street, or at least a load of cheap fun. :cool:
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If you are after cubes, then I'd suggest just get a simpler-building 289/302/351. Not worth the extra expense and wasting block life boring metal out to get 8% more cubes. If you're into the 221, you're not into raw power, or much of it anyway, without power adders. That's not the point of the 221. Plus, as it's only recognizable as a "SBF", and not a flathead or something distinctive, it's grouped right along with those others by onlookers. They can't see those few extra cubes, so... It's not impressive, it's just cool. :cool: Do your thing.
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