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I'm building a 2nd 250-powered Lemons car because I'm clearly incapable of making good decisions.

Anyway, I need to source a flywheel to hang off the formerly AT-equipped 250 I've got. It appears no parts supplier sells replacements.

My understanding is the I6s are internally (or inherently) balanced, so a V8 flywheel shouldn't work...?

(I've heard I could get a V8 flywheel and get it machined to 0 imbalance, but I could probably find a crapped-out donor Maverick for what that'd cost me at a machine shop.)

But then again, I've heard the early 157 tooth 24oz imbalance flywheels will work...?

But since the 250 shares a bellhousing with the 300, then a 240 or 300 (both internally balanced) flywheel should work, right?

Also looks like I could buy a flywheel for an internally balanced V8, but they're like $250, which I'd rather not spend.

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