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I've doing a lot of searching of late for some vintage style Holman Moody valve covers for my 1968 Torino GT 351W project...and E-Bay has had them a number of times in the range of $250.00 plus insane shipping charges

These Valve Covers are of course reproductions from Holman Moody's actual sand casts from the 60' this is a very High Quality item.

I have also been shopping for the 1" Valve Cover Spacers with the integral seals that won't make you have to use two sets of Valve Cover Gaskets to install them. This will allow you to use Roller Rockers with stock style valve covers..and still retain a vintage look.

Both items are made by Blue Thunder...and a Blue Thunder search will net you a number of Distributors...but few if any listed on their website will actually have them ..or even act as an active distributor of Blue Thunder products anymore.

Just to save another HM Fan the trouble...Here's the best deal going for the Valve Covers and the Valve Cover Spacers. is the primo source involving inventory and price on both items.

The 302/351W HM Valve Covers are going for $189.00

The Valve Cover Spacers are going for $130.00...with the integral seal...and about $100.00 with the style that requires two sets of gaskets to install.

Shipping from coast to coast for me was $12.00 using UPS...and that beats the crap out of most any shipping fee for an alike item on E-Bay too.

I hope the post helps out another Holman Moody fan whose working the 289/302/351W angle with their car.
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