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302 in a 64

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geting an 85 302 wih aod tranny and need a new crossmmber or need a place to buy one

Any ideas?
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Build it. I'm doing the same thing, Tremec TKO but only in a 67. Crossmembers are REAL close, close enough that I'm either gonna modify mine, or build a totally new one.

Main reason is I haven't found anyone that builds one. You need to start looking for 289/3spd crossmember. The AOD is gonna be a smidge different, but the 289/3spd will get you REAL close.

im also doing rack&pinion steering a company here where i live makes a bolt on kit
Good Luck putting the AOD in place. Its going to take a lot of tranny tunnel work to do so (i am barely able to fit a large bell C4 in my 63.) The stock crossmember should work just fine since it does allow you to move it forward and aft to some degree.

Also you need to be concerned about the engine mounts. Early 260/289's had a 5 1/2" wide center to center bolt pattern on the engine, where as later models have a 6" center to center bolt pattern. Crites makes a kit that will solve this problem, or you can modify the stock mounts to work (i have done this both ways and either option works just fine.)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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