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Hi there Mustang Friends!

i want to stroke my 289 Engine and rebuild the C4. Some of you expert guys could help me answering some important questions?

Here is what i have:
- 68 Mustang coupe
- stock 289 engine with Edelbrock 289 Performer Intake and Edelbrock 1406 Carb 600 cfm, runs good and smooth
- pertronix ignition system
- Tri-Y-Headers
- Flowmaster Super 44 Delta Flow Mufflers

what i want:
- stroke the engine to 331, adding some hp for street and strip (rarely), rebuild to c4 to handle the extra power
- using the stock block (wont bore it over) and the carb
- more fun

parts i want to buy:

AFR 185 Heads 58cc SBF Renegade 20 Degree
Edelbrock 7121 Performer RPM Intake
SCAT Engine Components 1-94055BE - Scat Engine Rotating Assemblies (Stroker Kit 331)
Ford Performance Parts Timing Chain Sets M-6268-A302
Ford Performance Parts High Performance Engine Gasket Sets M-6003-A50
Melling High-Volume Oil Pumps M83HV
Melling Oil Pump Screen Assemblies 68-S4
COMP Cams Xtreme Energy Cam and Lifter Kits CL35-522-8
Trick Flow® Roller Rocker Arms TFS-51400510
Trick Flow® Adjustable Pushrod Length Checkers TFS-9000
Mallory Steel Distributor Gears 29421PD
GMB High Performance Water Pumps 125-1420P

Suspension, Shifter, C4 Trans:
Scott Drake Performance Rear Leaf Springs C5ZZ-5560-HD
B&M 80675 - B&M StarShifters
Currie Enterprises CE-5023N - Currie 9-Plus Limited-Slip Clutch Type Differentials (8")
Motive Gear F880325 - Motive Gear Performance Ring and Pinion Sets (3:25)
Hughes Performance Street Master Torque Converters 23-25
Performance Automatic Hardened Input Shafts PA26405E
Performance Automatic C4 Power Planets PA26418P
Performance Automatic Pro Pumps PA26436
Performance Automatic Pro Max Performance Kits PAKT26702

you can find all parts on summitracing and see the specs there if needed.

Okay, now i wanted to ask if this setup sounds good? Any improvements? Do i need any other parts to build the engine? If so, can i use the missing parts from the 289, or are there any specific parts i still need to buy? Do i need some other parts for the C4, or is it already too much and the stock C4 can handle the power iam getting with the new engine?
Probably i wont build the engine myself, giving it to a professional, but want to do the C4 myself.
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