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Any help is greatly appreciated!

I've got a 65 mustang with a 331 stroker that has developed an odd tick or rattle that only occurs when the engine is warming up. It sounds pretty much identical to a lifter tick, except a bit louder. The odd part is that it will only rattle at 1200 rpms when the engine is cold, and I can hear it fading in and out in intensity. The sound does NOT follow RPMs. Once the rpms are below or above 1200, the noise vanishes. I can't seem to locate the source of the sound on either side of the motor. I've tried mystery oil to see if it made it better and it did not.

Any thoughts? I have to pull the intake and replace the gasket because its leaking. I figure if I need to do lifters, now is a great time to do them. I just am not sure it's a lifter making the sound.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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