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Hello all. Ive got to get some good info. I currantly have 62 gal its got a 302 in it mild engine. I'm looking to drop either a 306 390hp or a 331 315hp stroker in it. Before I pull the trigger on either one I need some info. The tranny I have now is working great other than minor leaks. Its AOD . My question is this both engines will require a 1900-2200 stall torque converter.

My question is is the stock tranny a lock up or non lock up converter? This does not have a TV cable but rather a rod that is adjustable to the carberator ( I suppose it serves the same purpose as a TV cable)
So do I get a non lock up or lock up. Even with the higher hp I will not be racing this car just want something that will have a little more get up in it when I want it.

I asume the tranny is just stock AOD no cooler or electric switch. I thought I would get the engine in and running this year then next year pull the tranny out and have it rebuilt just for peace of mind.
Can I get by with the stock torqueconverter thats in there? Do I go ahead and install the 2200 TC now and then rebuild transmission?
Just need some advice on this. What do you guys think?
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