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This will be my first complete engine builds, sorry in advance for all the questions! what started out as a normal 302 swap when my weak 2.9 v6 blew has now turned into a complete 347 stroker build. the parts I already have:
comp cam springs (942-16) with comp retainers, locks, etc.
Summit Racing cam (SUM-3601) with lifters
Edlebrock performer aluminum intake
Along with new gaskets, ARP headbolts, and some other small parts.

The vehicle is a 1989 Bronco 2 that is more of a street/show truck than anything that I am wanting to throw down some power. It had a 2.9 v6 in it before (so anything would be a upgrade) and i bought a ranger with a 302 thinking it would be a easier swap.. did not happen. The bearings had bad scoring in them and before I knew it I was in this motor deeper than i thought. Since I have to change some of the bottom end I figured I might as well make it a 347 and get everything new. I am looking at a scat stroker kit right now (I have not purchased it yet).
Here are some questions:

The alumimum heads I am looking at have a lower lb spring rate than My comp cam springs. Do you want a higher lb rate than lower? and are these edlebrock e-street heads a good beginner head (#5052)?

Rocker arms, are they worth it? I have read some advantages of them but will they really make that big of a difference?

Best stroker kit, The kit I am looking at is a SCAT kit
Scat Stroker Series 9000 347 ci Mustang Street-Strip Rotating Assembly 1-94165 (79-95 5.0L) - Free Shipping
Is this a good kit or would you go with a different kit or brand?

Thank you for looking and reading, hope to hear from you all, Thanks!

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if yu want fairly big power you need an eddy rpm or air gap intake and roller cam and better heads but what you have will still have a lot more power than a stock 302

what is your gear ratio?

what trans?

vehicle weight?

do you want a mild, moderate or nasty idle?

lite to lite drag cr or freeway flier?

i would use the cam below if you want a torquey engine but dont want a roller cam

i would get these for a budget app if you use the cam above. . you cant run used rockers on new valves

i would get the kit from summit

FORD 5.0L/302 FORD SMALL BLOCK WINDSOR Engine Rotating Kits - 347 Actual Engine CID - 3.400 in. Engine Stroke (in) - No Balanced - Forged aluminum Piston Material - rotating-assemblies - Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing

heres the heads and you can use the springs that are on it for the cam above.

i would try your intake with and without a 1" spacer.

you need chromoly push rods
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