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If you recall my pro built 347(425hp/408ft.lbs) had a Clackity,Clack sound when cold, disappeared at op.temp, mostly but you could still hear it, when backing off the throttle.
Blamed on forged internals, piston slap maybe, but, builder felt we had valve train issues
No issues found with roller cam, lifters, Ford spider but, we switched out the Crane rollers for scorpions, no change in Clakity,Clack!
Builder decided to pull her apart & found no top end issues at all.
Bottom end the new mains had a small marks at center of bearings, all of them,
But then, checking rods & pistons he found an elongated wrist pin in one piston, this is the only issue found in the motor.
All back together now, the only change being main bearings & the one piston, A Ford guru suggested switching to a link bar set up & switched out the old roller lifters for new.
Picking her up today & hopefully we found the issue, although, no one seems to have an answer as to that one errant piston/wrist pin issue
We will see
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