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Did you look in the Tech section; there are 2 articles specific to 347 strokers, 1 article on 331 strokers, several on cam swaps.
There is the engine forum, that is specific on questions; asked, answered and archives on small block fords. there is also the dyno forum...where you can look over the shoulder of other guys builds and compare what they did to your build to get a clue of what it takes to make "X" horsepower.

You don't "have" to leave the site to get information on how to make a decent 347 build, but you do have to push a few buttons, read the articles and apply what you learned to where you want to go. If you get lost, then ask a few questions - include as much detail in the question as you expect back in the answer.

If you want a lot detail - get ready to answer a lot of questions about what parts you already have, are looking at or contemplate buying. Most important - be ready for conflicting opinions about specific parts, each guy has certain criteria of what makes a good build. For instance, I like massive power, but I want quiet I tend to build engines with balance...more emphasis on the torque side, looking for a flatter, wider curve. I don't mind give back a few horses (HP) to get more torque.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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