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I think I am doing the right thing, but I want more eyes on it. Here’s what I’m doing:
  • 1970 Mustang with full interior. This is first a good weather daily driver. We will do some drag racing with it, but for fun and not competitively. Pump gas capable
  • Toploader 4 speed with between 3.50 and 3.89 gears out back
  • 351C engine with flattop pistons, stock stroke, and zero deck. Quench height at or below 0.041”. Zero deck via shaving the deck or ordering the right comp height pistons
  • Edelbrock Air Gap intake, or Performer intake if the Air Gap won’t fit under the shaker.
  • Holley mechanical secondary carburetor
  • Hydraulic roller camshaft
  • Trick Flow 195cc aluminum heads
The questions are, which heads and camshaft. The variable on the heads is chamber size - 62cc or 72cc. The camshaft will have to be picked to work with the heads.
  • 72cc heads yield a 9.8:1 static compression ratio. The highest effective (dynamic) compression ratio I can get is around 8.0:1 with a cam that closes intake at 61 degrees. Cam would max out at 6000 or so.
  • 62cc heads yield 10.9:1 static compression ratio. The lowest effective compression ratio I can manage would be around 8.3:1 with a cam that operates (mostly) below 6500.
Effective CR is measured seat to seat. The original Boss 351 was somewhere around 7.9:1 effective compression.

This is my first ground up engine build. The rest of my experience has been with stock components. Never even had machine work done before. I want to get as much as I can out of my parts safely. I’m leaning to the 72cc chamber and smaller cam, but… if… but… if…. You know how it goes.

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So… we shouldn’t have a discussion on it and just call this guy? What’s the point of the forum then?
Don't put words in my mouth!
I DIDN'T say that!

Brent is also a member here and has a great deal of experience.
Why not draw on that?

Again, he knows what works.
He is a professional engine builder and has done a ton of dyno testing different combos to find what works.

Ask 20 guys what parts to choose for your engine and you will get 20 different answers.
Now decide which guys advice you will take...
Good luck!

Who's advice you gonna follow?
Some random guys on the internet or a pro that has actual testing experience figuring out what parts to use.....?

By all means, have a discussion, and in the end, you do you.

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It appears that you have thoroughly planned out your Mustang build, and are seeking advice on which heads and camshaft to use. You are leaning towards the 72cc chamber and a smaller cam, but have some reservations and are seeking input to ensure you get the most out of your parts while maintaining safety.
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