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351C Header Options?

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I have been on the phone with Stan from Ford Power Train Applications, he's going to mock up his 351C headers for me and see if the measurement between the outside of each collector measures within 26" (My Frame rails). I've talked to AccuFab..they got nothing for me. 351C Header options are limited as it is, but my application makes it that much more difficult. '65 Falcon Ranchero, 351W, 351C 4v heads, Rod&Custom MII, Lakewood scattershield. I will be using Hydraulic clutch set-up, so no shift linkage issues. Any ideas welcome. Trying to stay away from Custom... BIG MONEY.
Would like 2" tubes, but 1 3/4 will work. Hope someone can give me more options.
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tubular automotive makes them for 2V and 4V heads. the 4v headers are 1 7/8" I think. they are made to fit in the stock shock towers but I is a squeeze. I think there is a round bodied falcon on here with some pic's of the setup.
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