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351c/w in a \'63

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I've read some of the posts that state you can put a 351c/w in a '63 Fairlane/Meteor w/o cutting the shock towers.

Who has done it successfully?
What issues did you encounter?
Mine has p/s.

I'd like the input, due to the fact that this weekend I may be able to p/u either a 351c or w, or a 5.0HO from a Lincoln MkVII.

Any and all help/input/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thanx in advance to all.
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Jay I dont know if your car is a v 8 or 6 cyl but to swap a 351C for the stock 260/289 is very easy. If you have the v8 car you can use the stock motor mounts .The other thing is that you need a 6 bolt trans such as a C 4 to use with the cleveland. I think that a C4 will even use the stock driveshaft after you switch the yoke to 26 spline. You can also use a 4 spd top loader if you want . I have done the swap , I have a 64 Fairlane that was a 260 auto w/8' rear and I have swapped the 351Cleveland in using stock motor mounts and a 4 spd top loader using a Lakewood scattershield and the stock trans mount and crossmember from the 2 spd auto trans ...all just bolts right together....I also used a 289 4 spd Mustand yoke and a driveshaft from a 77 Thunderbird that is 56 1/2 '" long .I also had a 9" rear housing made to fit the stock springs 38" c-to-c and the housing is 52.25" width so it uses the stock axles and brakes from the car.The last thing is exhaust ... I made a set of headers ...anybody can! that is anybody who wants to can .... need any more info or pics just e mail me
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I appreciate the reply. Yes, I currently have the 260 v8 with the 2sp trans and 8" 3.0 rear. Mine is also on the column auto.

I was asking 'cause I have access to:
-5.0HO from a MkVII (no trans) or AOD
-351W w/C-4, or
-351C 2V w/C-4 from a '71 Torino.

Was battling which route to go. I'm not an avid welder or fabricator. If it's bolt-on, I can do it. Was wondering what my options would be w/o cutting the towers. Especially headers or stock exhaust logs.
t-bolt II . did you modifie the shock towers?? I had to, to get a windsor in my 64 wagon!!

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