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351W Oil Pan for a 1968 Torino GT

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High all,

I'm building a 1968 Torino GT , that was a Factory Born 302 car.

My goal is to make it a 351 with all the Power Options that the car was NOT built with. Namely Power Steering and Power Front Disc Brakes.

My 351W Block is from a 1991 Crown Vic Police Package..and is in perfect condition for a .030 Over Bore. So as opposed to investing in a 1969 Block..regardless of its strength advantages of a higher Nickle Content...I hope to stick with the 1991 Block.

I have a New Ford Motorsport Oil Pan...that is a direct replacement for the OEM on the 1991 Block..but I'm sure this will not fit the 1968 Torino

I'm fairly confident that the 1969 351W Torino and Cyclones had a "Front Sump" Oil Pan...correct me if I'm wrong?

If a vintage 1969 Front Sump Oil pan is exactly what I need?..Does anyone have a good source to get one on the level of Factory Spec's. I'm not much for the aftermarket Chrome Stuff you see on E-bay all the if you can steer to an OEM or NOS Source...I'd appreciate it greatly.

The 351W will be built with an Actual 1969 351W C90X Aluminum Intake (4V) that I obtained

A Holman Moody Cam ( Ground by Larry Wallace of HM)

The Stock but refreshed 1991 Crank and Rods.

All ARP Hardware

TRW Forged Pistons

Melling High Volumn Oil Pump...that's been Blueprinted and Moly Coated by Precision Pumps of California

Harland Sharp Roller Rockers...Topped off with 351W Valve Cover Spacers and Vintage Holman Moody Valve Covers.

I have not decided on my Carb Yet...but the Air Cleaner will be an open element this car has a Ram Air Hood with the Hood Scoope

Toss me your I'm sure something has yet to be calculated a this point.
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Any front sump stock oil pan for a 351W from 1969 up into the early 80's will be the same.
Its the cars that they came in that will tell the difference. Im sure you are aware that 289/302 oil pans are not the same as 351W, but they look the same.
What heads are you gonna run on the motor? is the `91 block a roller lifter block??

The 1991 Crown Vic 5.8L was NOT a Roller was as I'm sure you know a Hydraulic Lifter Block. I may opt for the full Roller Conversion Kit.

As for the heads being used. I'm going with a New set of Roush 200 Series from World Products with screw in studs.

The car has a 351C 2V sitting in it...but that motor has gone south. I'm going to keep the 351C and build I've obtained 4V Heads and tons of other Go Fast items to build it at a later time. I hope to use the re-built 351C 4V in a 1971-73 Mach 1 someday. In the meantime , I have a safe place to store it all.

I'm opting for the 1969-esque 351W , as to make adding power options easier...and I like the power a well built W can make ..and still be a weight saver over the C and some of the BB FE's out there.

I'm not trying to knock the C's or the FE's for a moment...I'm just trying to hold the cost down on this project...and wait for the day that I can nail down a real numbers matching 1969 Torino with a 428CJ that fits the need.

Yes...I'm aware that 289/302 Oil Pans are not the same as that of the I'm being carefull about my shopping. I hope to nail down a real NOS 1969 Oil Pan...but I'm sure its gonna cost me. I have also toyed with the idea of using a Milodon Pan....but that's high too.
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Just don't get the Milodon deep sump pan, it won't fit the Torino without modifications to the crossmember. (part#30926)
Thanks for the reply on the Milodon.

I don't haveany desire to be hacking on the a stock unit is going to have to be the only real choice.

If anyone has a reliable source on a stock 351w Oil Pan?..I'd love to hear about it.
I'd try a Ford dealer first, see how many years down the line you could still get that pan. Then try the Mustang/Torino suppliers. Finally, you could see if a boneyard would just sell the pan or stalk evilbay.

Your swap will be a good one; I hadda '69 Spoler II with a mildly built 351 W and it hauled the mail.


This is an old thread...but thanks for the replies. Here's the direction of travel on the Torino. The Oil pan is a Canton front sump...7 Qt capacity...gotta nice deal on the unit with the pick-up and the windage tray.

My C4 Transmission is finished and ready for pick-up on Monday. This is a B&M shift kitted C4 with the deep well pan. The C4 will save some weight over the C6 I wanted...and will make for ease on intallation of the Long Tube Headers I'm getting. The next major purchase is Comp Cam Hyd Full Roller Conversion lifters....this will give this 351W plenty of grunt.
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