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I have a 1970 351W that was rebuilt 8 yrs ago and has around 10,000miles on it. The car was driven for one year after rebuilding and then placed in barn and was fogged. The car and engine are now running again but the frame is bad so I am starting to part it out.

The car was an old lady car with about 64000 miles when I bought it. The engine now has 110,000 total miles. I drove it for 4 yrs of high school. Engine has a 2barrel carb and runs great. The engine does hesitate when you floor it most likely do to a carb adjustment.

I do not yet know what I am asking for the engine so make me an offer and I will think it over. The car is going back into the barn next week.

I am trying to get some $$ around to buy another 69-70 galaxie so help me buy my next baby!
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