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351W vs 302H.O. heads

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Is there any difference between 351W heads and 302 H.O. heads? If so..witch are better choice to have on the 351W? I know that some people run 289's on 302's for higher the same true for 302 to 351 or no?
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The old 69-70 351w heads have bigger valves and intake runner.
Otherwise the 302 and 351w heads are the same. E7TE castings are albout as good as they get. The 289 heads do offer smaller combustion chambers but also smaller intake runners.
I ran 302 E7TE's ported and milled so they had about a 58cc chamber. Made a seat of the pants change in my 302. That then made me want a bigger motor.
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the older 69-74 351w heads is almost like a gt40/p head. they came with 58-60cc with 1.84/1.54 valves
My 351w's C9's flowed 198 Cfm @ .600
Is not just flow that will tellthe tale, The DOOE abd C9's will take a351/393 into the 11's

1966 Stang Coupe Org. 6 cyl. 351w,Sealed Power Hypers, ARP bolts,Total Seal rings,Eagle H-beams rods,Balanced,Hedman long tubes, TMD 2.05/1.60 Vic Jr Knockoffs, 1.6 Stainless steel Roller Rockers, Victor Jr intake, Holley 750 DP, Ed Nix Custom .600/.600 254/258 @.050 Solid Cam, Crane solid roller lifters,Richmond 4.11, Strange mini spool, Modified C4, 3500 stall, ******* Transbrake, B&M Hammer shifter, Shelby lowered, Pro-Comp 6Al system. Mickey Thompson 275/50 Et Street Drag radials.

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thats healthy. how much can you mill them for compression?
Check this link out for head flow for just about every Ford head made, ported & stock and will show a comparison between two.
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