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Hi this is Timo. Iam from germany.

Its my first Thread.

I got a 351 W Engine from a 69 Cougar. I want to install it into a 67 Ford Mustang Fastback.

I just got a 4 Speed toploader without a bellhousing, pressure plate, Flywhell...

I bought a Bell Housing with the code: bell housing is identcal is: C9OA 6394 A

I want to install it with the 4 speed Toploader.

Does it fit with that Bell housing? I think that bell housing is using a:
6 bolt pattern
with 157 tooth flywheel ?

Is that correct?

I also need a complete clutch kit and flywheel. I dont know which one i need.

Please help me.

Thx a lot. Timo

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Hi Timo!

Yes, that bellhousing is for a 157 tooth flywheel and a 157 tooth flywheel is the only one that will work in it. On the street I prefer a Centerforce Dual Friction II clutch. It is great for all around good street performance.

The flywheel for all years of 351w have 28oz imbalance. It will be the same flywheel as would be found on a 289 and old 302 Mustangs. A flywheel for a 5.0L Mustang will have the wrong imbalance and will cause problems.

Not all toploaders are the same. I suggest uploading a couple of photos of your toploader here or on another website so that we can identify it to ensure that it is correct for your application. Some are too long and others have the wrong shifter location. There is more to it than that so that is why I suggest some photos.

Good Luck!
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