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Hello every one my first time here.
I have a project 1956 F100 with a Ford 360 engine. The existing headers need replacing. Who should i talk to about replacements.
I live in New Zealand and haven't got any contacts in the USA. What you think about manifolds ?
Any advice welcome.

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Factory type flat log manifolds are VERY restrictive. (n) I wouldn't....

Factory type cast iron headers are good but pricey, and they come in several flavors.

Early type fit cars up to 64 in short and long versions.
People have used them on trucks.
There might be mods needed to get them to fit.

Late type that were for cars 65 up. They are shaped different compared to the early ones.
I know there are long versions of these, not sure if there was a shorty version as well.
Again, mods might be needed to get them to fit a truck.

Kugel Komponents is reproducing the early shorties.

FE Manifolds – Kugel Komponents

Originals early or late, short or long, can be hard to find and $$$$$.
Late ones esp as fewer were made.

More FE exhaust info....

Ford FE Engine Exhaust Systems: Complete Guide

For tubular headers, Hooker, Sanderson, FPA, and I'm sure I've forgotten some...
Cheap ebay China made, could be good or bad, it's a crap shoot.

I'm sure other folks will be along with recommendations...
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