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OK, looking for help from the experts. 1967 390 engine. Comp cams grind CL33-224-3 .
Older Offenhauser intake. 3310 Holley carb stock. Should have #72s. Hooker headers I believe are 1 3/4. full duals 2 1/2 with 40 flowmasters. Mallory distributor C6 trans and TCI 3000 converter.
MSD Ignition 8595. factory 3 core aluminum radiator with dual fans. Fans switch on about 185 and off at 170. 3,70 rear axle ratio. Car is not lightened except for fiberglass hood and trunk lid. Car is a 1967 Cougar.

Cam is broke in and car starts and drives well. Seems low on power and runs up to 225 and wont cool down, Radiator has been flushed and is clear. Timing is set at 10 btc
After much reading it appears that maybe I need more timing and more fuel?
What would be a good total advance and what would be a good jet to start with?

Also this all starting from scratch. Car was 289 car that has not been on the road in 20 years.

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That's a 268H cam, very mild and should have lots of torque

Some things I'd look at

1. Check total timing and how quick it comes in. Mallory distributors are very slow curve as delivered. I forgot where the limit is stock too, but it may be 24 degrees, which would give you 34 total @ probably 3600-3800, way too slow

Get a spring kit, it comes with the tool to set the limit, and put it at 22, with full advance to be in by 2800, then set initial at 14 BTDC.

That will get you a ton of snap and run cooler.

2 - Run the 3310 in stock configuration, if you get me the full LIST number I can tell you what that is. If anything, it may like a blue accelerator pump cam, which requires a pump arm readjustment, but jetting and stock PV should be very close.

3 - If you have dual electric fans in an FE pony car, they are likely too small. If they are, recommend you go to an engine driven fan, preferably solid fan like the link below and a shroud. Dual electric fans just don't have the power to generally overcome the small Cougar engine bay and small radiator.

These will cool the hottest beasts, I started using them while stationed in Vegas. Hard to beat for idle air flow and the alum ones are pretty light to boot

Race Fans for OEM Replacement

Don't get caught up in the "lean runs hot" that I think you are describing, odds are its airflow and timing, more airflow, two strokes get real hot lean, and sometimes a lean motor can get spike a high EGT, but I haven't seen a lean engine get the water hot.

Heat comes from burning fuel, take away fuel, the heat may change in the chamber during high load times, but usually doesnt convert to high water temps like the other two issues.
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