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pictures this afternoon if anyone is interested. shoot me a decent offer

The Mallory is a dual points with the plug wires attached, less than 3000 miles on it. It was new old stock. 100 plus shipping

The factory one has less than 1000 miles with plug wires and brand new coil 40 plus shipping

Edelbrock 600 cfm manual choke carb. perfect working order, a little dirty. 4000 miles maybe. 100 plus shipping

I have a whole disassembled 390, that if someone needs some internal stuff from please let me know. oil galleys for heads etc.

Most of this engine stuff will end up being scrap so if you need something let me know. The block and heads are fine I just built another engine and don't need this stuff. I did use the rocker arms and rocker shafts to make a spring compression tool so thats gone. I do still have the timing cover etc. this engine stuff has already started to surface rust.
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