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Hey guys, first time rebuild on a 60's car and need some help. finally pulled the engine and trans out of my 66 fairlane gt and got the engine torn down and found some interesting things, crankshaft code is c4ae-b, connecting rods are c3ae-c which came up as 427 conn. Rods. Engine block has the casting number below the second cylinder in from the front passenger side of the engine it read c4ae and than above/below that it has a 601 ** than 2 unreadable characters. Same thing with the heads, casting # in between center most spark plugs
Left side reads c4ae than on the right side of same head reads 3090 and another unreadable character.
Also checked bore with a vernier gauge and it's showing 4 1/16"

What do you guys think??

Thanks in advance, Joe

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Is it cross bolted or 2 bolt mains?

Does it have oil galleys to the lifter bores?

Are there 2 bolt holes on each side for the motor mounts or 4?

Sounds to me like you just have an early 390
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