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I have 2 67 galaxies. One is a XL! I have invested a lot of heart in the other on witch is a 500 I have decided to sell the XL. I have owned it since 1998 and have done nothing to it so I guess that it is time to sell it. It is as complete as they come the only thing missing is the distributor and carb. They have been gone since I bought it. It is two-tone paint Light emerald green bottom and metallic black top. As far as I can tell it is all original. Black interior. Of course it needs some work the bumpers could be replaced and I think that the passenger front fender needs fixed along with the headlight bezel and the passenger rear quarter chrome trim is damaged. The only rust on the car is above the rear driver tire. It has no radio and is missing the grill emblem. It is located in Colorado and when I get home I will take some pics of it. The description is as best as I remember since I have been in Florida for five years (NAVY). I don’t have the heart to tear it up because it is in great shape, but if I cant sell it I will be parting it out. I am asking around $2500

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