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393 stroker

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I want to put together a 393 stoker, with limited funds. Going more for a reliable street driven engine not a drag car. I know I'll need a 3.85" stroke crank, have heard that the stock 351W rods work, and that 302 pistons w/1.6" comp. height should be used.
This will be built on a newer block with a 9.5" tall deck, not bored,
GT40-P heads cleaned up with a little porting, 61cc chambers.
Long tube headers with 1 5/8 primaries
Cam will be around 0.510 +/- lift but I haven't picked that out yet.

My questions are:

Are the 351W rods reliable, up to around 450 fwhp?

Can I use a set of Ford forged pistons from a 5.0 HO motor? I can't find anywhere what the factory Ford 302 piston compression height is so if anyone knows I'd appreciate it.

These two things would keep my costs way down but I want this to be a reliable motor, spin up to 6000 and no more. I'm planning on ARP bolts on the factory rods if I can use them.

If anyone is interested in my .030 over 302 (roller motor) let me know, it's got about 200 miles on it now & runs excellent just isn't enough for my 3700 lb car.

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The 351W truck rods are the way to go for a budget build.
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