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hey'yeall newb here this is going to be my first engine build, shes a 72 block going in a 75 true highboy so im looking for something for street n 4x4 use, i got a couple of fordsmallblock books that dont cover a 393 build.
i was basing a couple of kits on summit for my build it seems mathmaticle but i know theres more to it..
COMP Cams K35-239-3 - COMP Cams Xtreme Energy 4x4 Cam and Lifter Kits - Overview -
SCAT Engine Components 1-94205BE - Scat Engine Rotating Assemblies - Overview -

if you know something better n cheaper rout ill take everything into consideration.

thanx for reading

i want to go with crab & run off pump gas
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