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Hello all.
Here's a quick question for you...

I am scavenging some parts from an old 390 for my good 428.

The aftermarket damper is barely too big (7.5" ) to let the alternator adjustor fit, without grinding it a bit.
(Doesn't seem right, though)
Anyway, the 390 is internally balanced.
The 428 is externally balanced, but I believe that balance comes from the flexplate, not the damper. Therefore, my 390 damper should work fine on the 428... Right?

Thanks again!

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All FEs have neutral balanced balancers, including 428's. 67 and below have a smaller balancer, but they will interchange. The issue is only the 67 and below use different pulleys, with the right combo, you can use them though

Although they may have different appearance, any FE balancer will swap on any FE

The difference comes with only the SCJ, and even that holds to the same rule (neutral balanced just the same), it just has a different seperate weighted spacer behind it.

The flywheel side is a different story

Go ahead and use any FE balancer without fear for the reasons you stated
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