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i want to put my 428 7L fire under his butt.

Found 2 different heads i like, but what will be the better choice for a steet car?
The Stock CJ Head or the Barry Rabotnik Hipo?

FE Stroker Kit Tech


C8OE-6090-N CJ Heads ???

Actually its a stock 7L, 428,
will get Hooker Competition Headers,
FoMoCo dual Quad C3AE-9425-H
4160 Holley C3AE-9510 BJ/BK
conversation to 4 speed manual.



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Barry's head will make more power due to better port design and bigger valves, plus it will be blueprinted out of the box

A CJ head, with 500+ dollars worth of porting, valve guides, hardened seats, new valves, etc, may compare power wise, but you lose the benefit of lighter weight alum, plus later the Survival heads could be ported for even more.

In the end, if you are trying to make the same power, alum heads, either Barry's or worked Edelbrocks usually end up being cheaper, especially if you sell of the CJ heads to a guy that needs them for a resto.
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