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Thanks guys!

I will not have time to dyno this engine as I want to install it as soon as all the parts get here.....I will take it to the local chassis dyno for the tuning though........

Specs are....

1966 Ford FE 428 bored over 0.30 to displace 433 inches.

SRP forged pistons with 10.15 to 1 comp ratio.

Edelbrock 72 cc Cobra-Jet aluminum heads (outta the box)

Erson roller rocker shaft set up with 1.76 rockers.

Edelbrock X-F66 CROSSRAM 2 x 4

Custom grind Comp Cam solid flat tappet 250 I /256 E @ .050 with .621 I .637 E lift. lobe sep of 108.0

MSD Ford FE Pro Billet dizzy ( running into MSD 6 AL )

Edelbrock roller timing chain.

Edelbrock Victor water pump.

Melling Hi-Volume oil and pickup

ARP Head studs

ARP rocker shaft studs

Fel Pro engine gaskets

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