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Thought I'd share another one of my builds from a month or so ago. This is going in a 68.5 Mustang, originally campaigned on the West Coast, but will be run on the street

Performance Summary:
Cubic Inches: 457 Dyno brand: Stuska
Power Adder: Where dynoed: Dale Meers Racing Engines
Peak Horsepower: 545 HP @ 6000 RPM Peak Torque: 545 @ 4500 RPM (558 @ 4500 with 750 annular carbs)

Engine Specifications:
Block brand, material, finished bore size, other notes: Ford C-scratch CJ 428, 4.140 bore, squared, deck plate honed, 10.155 deck

Crankshaft brand, cast or forged, stroke, journal size: SCAT cast 4.25 stroke

Connecting Rods brand, material, center to center distance, end sizes, bolts: K1 Technologies H-beam, 6.70"

Piston brand, material 4032 forged Autotec, 5cc relief flat top w/ symmetrical valve reliefs, SCR 10.69:1, .005 above deck, .046 quench

Main Bearings, Rod Bearings, Cam Bearings brand and size: TRW mains, Clevite rod bearings, Durabond cam bearings

Piston rings brand, size, other notes: Mahle, standard tension 1.5mm/1.5mm/3.0 mm

Oil Pump, pickup, and drive: Melling M57HV, custom Milodon pickup, ARP pump drive

Oil pan, windage tray, oil filter adapter: Vintage Milodon 9 quart deep pan, Canton screen-type tray, factory Ford 90 degree large port adapter

Oil and filter: 10w30 Penngrade with FL1A

Camshaft brand, type (hyd/solid, flat tappet or roller), lift and duration (adv and @.050"): Custom Comp Cams hydraulic roller ground to requested specs , 241/241 @ .050", 112 LSA, 107 ICL, .630/.630

Lifters brand, type: Morel standard travel

Timing chain and timing cover: Cloyes billet, factory Ford cover

Cylinder heads brand, material, port and chamber information: Fomoco original CJ with Craft CnC port, 83cc chamber

Cylinder head flow in cfm at inches of lift (28" H2O pressure drop):

Peaked at .600 295 226

Flow bench used, location: Craft Racing supplied numbers

Intake valve brand, head size, stem size: SI valves, 2.150", 11/32"

Exhaust valve brand, head size, stem size: SI valves, 1.700", 11/32"

Valve springs brand, part number, specs: PAC 1.46 155 closed / 400 open

Retainers and locks brand, part number, specs: PAC Steel

Rocker arm brand, type (adjustable or non-adj), material, ratio: Lykins non adjustable rollers

Rocker shafts and stands, brand, material: Precision Oil Pumps hardened shafts, middle and end stands and studs shimmed for rocker pattern

Pushrods brand, type, length: Trend custom

Valve covers, brand, type: Tony Branda repop chrome PBF

Distributor brand, advance curve information: Ford dual point mechanical advance, recurved, Pertonix conversion

Harmonic balancer brand: Powerbond

Water pump brand, type (mechanical or electric): Date coded Ford C8 rebuilt

Intake manifold brand, material, porting information: Ford Tunnel Wedge, no modifications

Carburetor(s) brand, type: Holley 1848 465 cfm, as delivered, main body squared, and baseplate modified for dual quad use, no changes to calibration

Exhaust manifolds or headers brand, type: Dyno headers

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