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460/E4OD (was stroked 351...)

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okay, after learning all about the 351 and stroking it and different head/intake options and a lot of help from you guys(thanks!) I believe we've decided to go with a 460/E4OD for the '68 Lincoln Continental.
What are my options for the 460? I'm thinking about finding a truck or van and swapping the engine/trans out or preferably trying to find one for sale already removed.
If I decided not to use the ford EFI because of cost or fitment issues(I don't have a whole lot of height available) Baumann Electronics offers an electric trans controller for $450 and then I'd just run a carb/performer intake.

Is there anything wrong or any known problems that need to be avoided or fixed/upgraded with certain year 460's? what do you guys know aobut these engines?
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Late model(96-98, could be earlier) EFI 7.5's have a slightly modded intake port that won't line up with earlier intakes, carb or EFI.
460/e4od combo are bullet proof. been in the dealer 16 years. those are the 2 components we see the least of. i do recommend a cam swap. the factory truck cam wont be much fun. to tame.
Ford continually improved the E4OD. Try and find a 460 E4OD from a 96 and newer truck or van. They already have most of the needed improvements built right in. I have found them in the pick-n-pulls in E350 vans.
E4ODS bulletproof ? HUH? I`ve been a Ford tech for 14 years and probably changed a hundred E4ODs throughout the years. I would not recommend one. The newer ones are much better than early 90s versions. The 460s are great motors, the only problem that really sucks on them is exhaust manifold bolts snapping off in the head. Be prepared to do some drilling and tapping here. I`d go C-6 if it were me.
Pre '78s internally balanced, Truck rods are stronger, the EFI heads have higher ports and non efi intakes will not fit. But you can modify an early 4bbl intake (single plane aftermarket)to efi and use early heads/motor.
E4ODs are only as good as you treat them. Just sold my 1993 F250 HD with 235000 and trans still worked perfect. Two owner truck has been manitained by me since day one. C6 is stronger but no overdrive. 17 years a Ford Trans Tech. 10 Years working for myself. Going to put a E4OD in My 64 Galaxie behind a 460 in a couple of years.
I gotta say just cause you change transmission alot at a dealer does not mean much KINDA it does but you also have to take into account how many people DONT service their transmissions instead of every 30k miles I do every spring Ive got an external filter and a big ass external cooler and I am sure my transmission will out last my motor by many years.
I have a C6 in my '79 lincoln wich i'd like to swap with an overdrive tranny.
I have heard that the E4OD was too large to fit/replace a C6 tranny. Is this correct? I don't intend to enlarge my tunnel...
any info greatly appreciated, thanks.
Nothing wrong with the EFI heads, but you will need to modify a good aftermarket dual plane to fit, if you don't want EFI and headers may be a little bit of a problem finding something to fit your chassis with the raised exhaust ports.

I woud do a Early 460 with some decent Factory Iron Heads (DOVEs or the like) Good Dual Plane, 850 Carb, Nice FT Cam + a few other upgrades. You can get 450+hp pretty easy and still be very drivable, very torquey and Inexpensive.

C6 would be the easiest, but you could adapt a GM 700R4 of 200R4 to it?

As far as blocks go they are all a good foundation, their are no bad ones for builds in the 600hp range
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