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selling a fresh rebuild Ford 460. Ready for your car, truck or boat project

500 HP+++ 500+++ LBS Torque

1971 460 Block .030 Bore - #DIVE6015-A2B
Internal Balanced
Clevitte 77 Maines, Rods, Cam bearings, Sealed Power piston rings
Eagle H - Beam Connecting rods w/ ARP capscrew bolts
TRW Dome Pistons 10.55-1 Compression
Melling high volumn oil pump and shaft
460 Foxbody rear sump oil pan and dipstick
Comp Cams double roller t/chain
ARP Head Stud kit - APR Main stud kit
Comp Cams Magnum push rods 3/8
Comp Cams Magnum 294S Cam and solid lifter kit (duration Int 294, exh 294) (Lift intake .605, exh .605)
Comp Cam double valve spring kit
Summit block protector thrust plate
460 Heads (#D3VE-A2A) Magunflux fully ported polished, 3 Angle valve job
Manley Valves ( race master) intake 2.190, exh 1.760
Comp Cam valve locks
Comp Cam super lock steel retainers
Comp Cam valve locks, valve stem seals
Crane Cam roller rockers, lock nuts
Comp Cam guide plates
New high volume water pump, freeze plugs
Tall Ford Racing valve covers
Weiand Stealth dual plane intake
Edelbrock 750 CFM carb
MSD Distributor

only $4500 ........ i'll also throw in a C6 for 429-460, & trans cooler
headers pictured are are Hooker Super comp for 429-460 in a fox body Mustang, judging how nice and tight they fit the engine, these may fit other applications as well.

I have the oil pan, manifold, and valve covers held on with just 2 bolts and the engine on an engine stand to show you the insides of this engine so you can see exactally whats on the inside.

PM me for contact, I am located in the greater Los Angeles area (near Pomona)


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