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460 Intake manifold install: any tips?

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I'm replacing the intake manifold gaskets on the 460 today. Here's what I currently know: Throw away the end gaskets and use a 1/4" bead of silicone (Permatex #2) instead, and put black RTV silicone around the water passages on both sides of the gasket. Now here's what I don't know... none of the instructions I have say anything about applying adhesive/silicone to the gasket surface around the intake ports. Am I supposed to leave all that surface dry, with no adhesive? Or should I put a thin coat of #2 around the intake ports? Or some other type of silicone/adhesive? It just doesn't seem like the gasket will seal 100% on it's own... What should I do? I'm doing it in a couple hours, so any quick input is much appreciated.
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I always put the gasket on dry.That was always worked great for me
Oh and one other thing... do I need to silicone any of the bolts, or are they all blind holes?
the 385 series rebuild book says to put a generous sealant around the coolant prots at both ends and the middle port on each side. the bolts don't need sealant
Thanks guys... just got done buttoning it up, I haven't fired it yet because have an appointment in town, but fingers crossed everything is good and doesn't leak
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If I remember correctly the end gaskets have little tabs that push into holes drilled in the block to hold them in place so they don't squish out like some of the other ford engine families(smallblocks and FEs).I always put some sealer around the water passages and(depending on the gasket type) lightly grease the gasket surface to help seal it and make it easy to remove in the future.
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