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I have a 72 torino currently with 351c fmx trans and 9" rear. I would love to keep all the original shifter etc. But want to upgrade to 460.

Has anyone put a 460 up to an FMX?

I have located the correct bellhousing. However I have heard I will need some sort of spacer to keep the c6 flexplate (only one available for 460)spaced far enough away from the torque converter to prevent problems. I heard you can double or triple up on those stock spacer plates. (Not sure what their real name is)

Are these plates available anywhere, I cant find them new or used anywhere??

Also Is there a major difference from the 460 to 429 flexplate as far as balancing or whatever? (just trying to prevent foolish mistakes)

Thanks for reading this and all comments as usual are certainly welcome
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