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I have an 89 OMC 460 Ford marine engine. Recently I collapsed a lifter. I decided to install an Edelbrock performer manifold during the job. I purchased the manifold, non egr type, and the intake ports were alot smaller, so I was stuck using the old 100 pounder. So much for weight savings and performance. Does anyone know what kind of heads these are?
Also I decided to pull the engine, the lifter was due to a bad water cooled exhaust manifold leaking water in and hydro locked the motor, yeah, yeah, I bent a rod. I am going to do a total rebuild, and want to bump the horsepower up from 340 to ?. I'd like to spend about an extra grand, what do you think my biggest bang for the bucks should be.
I must have a smooth idle, I cruise about 3000 to 3500 rpm, max rpm was 4500. If I can get the hp to run a bigger prop, at the cruise rpm mentioned that equals speed for me.
I need some serious BB ford help.
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